Flexible Scheduling Options

Ideal for students who need or want to work while attending law school.

A Year-Round Education: Start in January, May, or September

Part-time, Full-time, Weekends

Schedule Options

  1. Part-time for 3 yrs (year-round)
  2. Part-time for 4 yrs (year-round)
  3. Part-time for 5 yrs (year-round)
  4. Full-time for 3 yrs (with terms off)
  5. Full-time for 2 yrs (year-round)
  6. Weekends for 3 or 4 yrs (part-time)

Map your entry into Cooley!

When is the best time for you to start?

Your starting term will dictate your class schedule and campus location throughout your time at Cooley.

Map your entry into Cooley!