Our Admission Formula

We use a straightforward formula to determine eligibility.

The formula uses an applicant's cumulative UGPA as evaluated by the Credential Assembly Service (CAS), multiplies it by 15, and adds the resulting number to the candidate's highest LSAT score.

UGPA x 15 + Highest LSAT score = Cooley Admissions Index ¹

An applicant simply needs to apply and eligibility for the type of admission offer will be determined by admissions personnel. ²

1. All applicants are required to take the LSAT and register for the complete Credential Assembly Service through LSAC.org. Foreign-educated applicants should see the FAQ section for more information. Students may take the LSAT more than once. LSAT scores are honored for five years.

2. The law school reserves the right to change, eliminate or add to without notice the admission requirements, schedules, policies, practices, programs, procedures, tuition, and fees.

- Visit the campus
- Be a "Law Student For A Day"
- Sit side-by-side with a current student
- Meet with Enrollment and Student Services

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