Accelerated (Full-Time) Schedule

Attend classes five days per week for two years (24 months).

An intensive, full-time program recommended only for those students who are advised or feel confident they can manage five classes (15 credits) per term.

There are no terms off; although, as with all programs at Cooley, there are term breaks. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss this option with an academic advisor. An admissions representative will also be able to offer an opinion on this program after reviewing your admissions credentials. This schedule allows for elective concentrations.

First Year

Term 1: Intro to Law, Contracts I, Property I, Torts I, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law I
Term 2: ARC Skills Seminars (recommended), Contracts II, Property II, Torts II, Research & Writing, Constitutional Law II
Term 3: Personal and Professional Responsibility, Evidence, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure I, Secured Transactions

Second Year

Term 4: Taxation, Civil Procedure II, Choice of one: Pretrial Skills, Sales, or Administrative Law, Electives
Term 5: Wills, Estates & Trusts, Business Organizations, Electives, Practice Bar Exam (recommended)
Term 6: Remedies, Advanced Writing, Electives, Bar Preparation Course (recommended)