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WMU Cooley Law School

A Great Choice

Cooley trains lawyers who know how to get the job done.

With an unmatched breadth and depth of learning opportunities, Cooley lawyers are prepared to hit the ground running – starting day one.

» Among the nation's most affordable private, independent law schools

» Real-world, practical learning experiences

» Dynamic, diverse learning environment

Law School

A Good Career Move

Law school makes you brighter, bolder and better in every aspect of your life.

Equipped with a legal education and a passion for the law, a career as an attorney can bring great rewards and fulfillment. But a legal education can provide even more, as it is one of the most flexible, most useful degrees available today.

» Well credentialed, highly-experienced faculty

» 18,000 member alumni network

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You're thinking about law school.

No commitment could be more stimulating or challenging.

Law school, like no other preparation, will open your mind, unlock your potential, and enable you to achieve in ways you may have never imagined.

We know all about potential and achievement. Cooley Law School is a leader in preparing students to become outstanding lawyers. Founded in 1972 by a group of lawyers and judges led by the then Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, Thomas E. Brennan, Cooley is, and always has been national leader in practice preparation.

Law school is a commitment, it is a challenge, but it is an education that will bring out your best. Come to Cooley, find your excellence – become the lawyer you aspire to be.