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Cooley Law School legal experts are available to comment on a broad range of topics, as well as offer analysis on current events and breaking news stories. Please contact us to assist you with finding a legal expert and to help coordinate an interview for your story.

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Constitutional Law

Brendan Beery

Brendan Beery - BIO

Constitutional Law, Criminal Law


Curt Benson

Curt Benson - BIO

Constitutional Law, First Amendment Rights, Personal Injury

play the video Benson talks Liability »

Devin Schindler

Devin Schindler - BIO

Constitutional Law, First Amendment Rights, Property Rights

play the video Schindler talks Affirmative Action »


Criminal Law

Ron Bretz

Ron Bretz - BIO

Criminal Law

play the video Bretz talks DNA Testing »

Heather Garretson

Heather Garretson - BIO

Criminal Law

play the video Garretson talks Javonte Higgins Trial »

Alan Gershel

Alan Gershel - BIO

Criminal Law, Homeland Security, Terrorism


James Peden

James Peden - BIO

Criminal Law, Homeland Security, Terrorism


Jeff Swartz

Jeff Swartz

Criminal Law

play the video Swartz talks George Zimmerman Trial »

Monica Nuckolls

Monica Nuckolls - BIO


play the video Nuckolls talks Anti-Bullying »

Donna McKneelan

Donna McKneelen - BIO

Cooley Innocence Project


Marla Mitchell-Cichon

Marla Mitchell-Cichon - BIO

Cooley Innocence Project


Pat Corbett

Pat Corbett - BIO




Rights, Ethics, and Mediation

Nelson Miller

Nelson Miller - BIO

Animal Rights, Civil Cases, Employment and Personal Injury

play the video Miller talks Creditors »

Mara Kent

Mara Kent - BIO

Civil Cases, Employment and Job Rights


Amy Timmer

Amy Timmer - BIO

Ethics and Professionalism


Joan Vestrand

Joan Vestrand - BIO

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Ethics and Professionalism, Mediation


Victoria Vuletich

Victoria Vuletich - BIO

Ethics and Professionalism


Nancy Wonch

Nancy Wonch - BIO

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Ethics and Professionalism, Mediation


Emily Horvath

Emily Horvath - BIO

Gay Rights, Wills and Trusts

play the video Horvath talks Same Sex Marriage »

Paul Carrier

Paul Carrier - BIO

International Rights


Gerald Fisher

Gerald Fisher - BIO

Medical Marijuana, Real Estate and Land Use


Paul Sorensen

Paul Sorensen - BIO

Property Rights, Product Liability


William Wagner

William Wagner - BIO

Religious Rights



Family Law, Immigration, Wills/Trusts

Victoria Cruz-Garcia

Victoria Cruz-Garcia - BIO

Family Law


Mike Dunn

Mike Dunn - BIO

Family Law, Wills and Trusts

play the video Dunn talks Same Sex Marriage »

Ashley Lowe - BIO

Family Law


Jason Eyster

Jason Eyster - BIO

Immigration Law


Dustin Foster - BIO

Wills and Trusts




Insurance, Intellectual Property, and Liability

Lisa DeMoss

Lisa DeMoss - BIO

Insurance Law

play the video DeMoss talks Affordable Care Act »

Monica Navarro

Monica Navarro - BIO

Health Care Reform, Insurance Law


Florise Neville-Ewell

Florise Neville-Ewell - BIO

Estate Planning, Insurance Law


David Berry

David Berry - BIO

Intellectual Property


Mark Dotson

Mark Dotson - BIO

Product Liability

play the video Dotson talks Affirmative Action »

Richard Henke

Richard Henke - BIO

Product Liability





Administrative, Bankruptcy, Education, Government, Sports & Entertainment, and Tax

Lauren Rousseau

Lauren Rousseau - BIO



Joni Larson

Joni Larson - BIO

Bankruptcy, Tax Laws


James Robb - BIO

Education Law, Government and Administrative Law, Personal Injury


Don LeDuc

Don LeDuc - BIO

Government and Administrative Law


Don Petersen

Don Petersen - BIO

Sports & Entertainment Law


Gina Torielli

Gina Torielli - BIO

Tax Laws



Homeland Security, Veteran Rights

Mike McDaniel

Mike McDaniel - BIO

Homeland Security, Terrorism, Veteran Rights

play the video McDaniel talks U.S/Syrian conflict »