Faculty Legal Experts for the Media

JOURNALISTS IN NEED OF A LEGAL EXPERT - Cooley's world-class professors can help to serve as experts on nearly every legal issue, article or story. Cooley has over 100 full-time faculty, and over 100 adjunct faculty - all with years of career experience. Our faculty are recognized for their legal scholarship, legal theory and legal practice.

Watch a playlist of Faculty Legal Experts in the Media


Faculty Experts List



Alternative Dispute Resolution

Joan Vestrand, Martha Cook, Nancy Wonch

Animal Rights

Nelson Miller play the video


Monica Nuckolls play the video


Lauren Rousseau, Joni Larson

Civil Cases

Nelson Miller, Mara Kent

Constitutional Law

Devin Schindler, Curt Benson, Brendon Beery, William Wagner

Corporate Law and Finance

Chris Johnson

Criminal Law

Alan Gershel, Ron Bretz, Brendan Beery, James Peden, Jeff Swartz


Pat Corbett

Dispute Resolution

Nancy Wonch

Education Law

Renalia DuBose, James Thelen, James Robb

Employment and Job Rights

Nelson Miller, Mara Kent

Estate Planning

Florise Neville-Ewell

Ethics and Professionalism

Amy Timmer, Victoria Vuletich, Joan Vestrand, Nancy Wonch

Family Law 

Mike Dunn, Ashley Lowe, Victoria Cruz-Garcia

First Amendment Rights

Devin Schindler, Curt Benson

Gay Rights

Emily Horvath play the video

Government and Administrative Law

Don LeDuc, James Robb

Health Care Reform

Monica Navarro

Homeland Security

Mike McDaniel, Alan Gershel, James Peden

Human Trafficking

Chris Johnson

Innocence Project

Marla Mitchell-Cichon, Donna McKneelan

Insurance Law

Lisa DeMoss, Florise Neville-Ewell, Monica Navarro

Immigration Rights

Jason Eyster

International Rights

Paul Carrier

Intellectual Property

David Berry, Gerald Tschura


Joan Vestrand, Martha Cook, Nancy Wonch

Medical Marijuana

Gerald Fisher

Personal Injury

Curt Benson, Nelson Miller, James Robb

Product Liability

Mark Dotson, Paul Sorensen, Richard Henke

Property Rights

Devin Schindler, Paul Sorensen

Real Estate and Land Use

Gerald Fisher

Religious Rights

William Wagner

Sports & Entertainment Law

Don Petersen

Tax Laws

Gina Torielli, Joni Larson


Mike McDaniel, Alan Gershel, James Peden

Veteran Rights

Mike McDaniel

Wills and Trusts

Mike Dunn, Dustin Foster, Emily Horvath



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