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Best Practices

The 59th Annual National Conference of Law Reviews
March 20-24, 2013

Present your best practice!

Present your best practice!

The 2013 National Conference of Law Reviews invites your journal to participate in a new way: present on your best practice in a 50-minute session. This year's conference will explore best practices from across the nation by bringing together the collective knowledge and experience of all law review and journal editors.

Please consider proposing to present on a practice that's been successful for your journal. It can be an administrative procedure, article solicitation, or selection policy, editing practice, or really anything related to running your journal. It's your journal's chance to shine!

Best of all: We'll publish your practice in a Best Practices Manual. After the conference, we'll send this manual to hundreds of journals nationwide.

Here are the details:

Any student editor may submit a proposal. Send a one-page, single-spaced description of your best practice. Include the name or names of those proposing to present and contact information.

Submit your proposal by January 20, 2013, to Sarah Fuhrman at

Why submit? Others want to learn from you, and it's a publication credit!

New poster presentations too!

Not able to present? You are invited to submit a poster that highlights your best practices. You don't need to submit a poster before the conference. Just bring yours with you. We'll display it and, with your permission, include it in the Best Practices Manual.

For more information on posters or proposals to present, send Sarah an email at

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