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Welcome! The Thomas M. Cooley Law Libraries, located on the Lansing, Auburn Hills, and Grand Rapids campuses are open to all Thomas M. Cooley students, faculty, and staff, alumni, members of the bar and law students from other schools with valid school identification. Members of the public, including the Oakland County and Western Michigan community, conducting legal research and/or needing access to government documents (at the Lansing campus) are welcome. All visitors must register upon entering. Please consult your campus's library for specific access requirements and procedures.


We welcome your suggestions and questions about the Library collection, services, and policies. Suggestions may be input on the main menu screen of COOLCAT our online catalog, by clicking on "Patron Suggestions."

Personal Property

Please do not leave personal property, especially valuables such as purses, wallets, brief cases or laptops unattended in the Library.  The Library assumes no responsibility for patrons' personal property.

Patrons may be asked to disclose the contents of their briefcases, portfolios, book carriers, etc. by a library attendant .


Library telephones are for staff use only.

Cell Phones

To maintain a quiet study atmosphere for all students, turn off cell phones or set to vibrate when you are in the library. Lobbies may be used for calls.



Do not write, underline, mark in or mutilate Library materials.  Damage to volumes requires replacement or rebinding which reduces the number of new works purchased. As a courtesy to others, please re-shelve library materials used.

Bare feet are not allowed in the Library. Feet are not allowed on Library furniture.



In order to create a pleasant and conducive learning environment, we request that all noise be kept to a minimum and discussions limited to essential matters .



Smoking or the use of any tobacco product is not permitted in the Library.



Copies may be purchased with the use of your student ID or copy card.  Machines accept only cards.  Value may then be added to the card. Copies cost $0.08 cents. Additional value may be added to your ID via machines located in the copy rooms.  Cards can also be used to make photocopies on the microform reader-printers located next to the microform cabinets.

For problems with copies, or loss of money, contact Postal and Printing Services in Lansing: or dial (517) 371-5140 ext. 2162. In Lansing, direct dial phones are located in each photocopy room for your convenience. The Library is not responsible for maintaining and servicing machines.


Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms may be reserved by currently enrolled Cooley students or by Cooley graduates who are registered in a Cooley sponsored bar preparatory course or other special program.


Laptop Use


Food and Drink Policy

Please help us preserve the Cooley Library collections and facilities.

Eating is not allowed in the Library except in posted areas. Violators will be asked to dispose of their food immediately or leave the library. Repeat offenders will be reported to the Associate Dean of Students and/or have their library privileges revoked.

You may drink from any covered containers with a cap or lid.

Types of containers not allowed include:

The Library staff reserves the right to approve or disapprove of any questionable beverage container.

If you observe a spill, please notify a Library staff member.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed, even in approved containers.



It is the policy of the Cooley Libraries that study carrels and/or tables may not be "reserved" by leaving one’s belongings unattended on them. This includes times when you are in class or out of the building.

The Library reserves the right to remove your belongings if we believe they have been left unattended for an extended period of time.

Persons failing to comply with Library rules and policies may be subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, the loss of library privileges.



The Library reserves the right to rescind this policy at any time.

Persons failing to comply with Library rules and policies may be asked to leave the Library.

These rules are subject to change without notice.


Policies & Services

Contact Us

Auburn Hills Campus [map]
(248) 751-7850
Reference - ext. 7702
Circulation - ext. 7701

Grand Rapids Campus [map]
(616) 301-6850
Reference - ext. 6822
Circulation - ext. 6923

Lansing Campus [map]
Brennan Law Library +
Center for Research and Study
(517) 371-5140
Reference - ext. 3111
Circulation - ext. 3100

Tampa Bay Campus [map]
(813) 419-5100
Reference - ext. 5121
Circulation - ext. 5120





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