Member Testimonials

By: Brandon Thomson
Assistant Solicitation Editor, 2014

"Membership on the Law Review has far exceeded my expectations. I have had the opportunity to mastermind with the best and the brightest at Cooley on a regular basis, and my networking opportunities have been fantastic. Through my Law Review position, I have met several attorneys in the field that I plan on practicing with. I highly recommend Law Review membership."

By: Paul Friener
Editor in Chief, 2012-2013

"This is an intellectual journey that I encourage everyone to embark upon. There are only so few academic experiences that allow you to grow as a professional and to work alongside the brightest students at Thomas M. Cooley Law School. We always said–because everyone at every other law school said– that the Law Review is the most prestigious organization at school. This is half true; the other half is that you must bring the prestige to the positions that each of you will hold during your Law Review tenure. It’s an honor to serve on the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review because it tells employers that you are willing to put in hours of hard work, you are diligent in completing your tasks, and you understand that others are relying on you to pull your own weight. And everyone plays a role as each step in the editing process is integral to its success, and the Law Review can only function as a whole. Every member has an equally vested interest in this publication, so every term the Law Review members undertake the responsibility and commitment together."

By: Kyle Robert Quigley
Preemption and Screening Editor, 2013

"My participation with the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review has been a fantastic opportunity. As a Preemption and Screening Editor, I was exposed to the writings of both legal professionals and students from other schools on a wide variety of topics and issues concerning those in our field. Later on, I was able to mentor the junior editors serving in my position. I genuinely believe that my work with the Law Review has given me real-world experience that will go a long way to helping me establish myself as a practicing attorney once I graduate."

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