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Volume 30 | Number 2 | Trinity Term 2013 - Best Practices



Best Practice: Leadership

Leaving a Legacy of Excellence on Your Law Review
William Wagner

Follow the Leader
Laurel Romanella

Cream of the Crop: Interviewing and Selecting for Success
Scott R. Harrison

Mentoring in Your Journal for School and Career
Nicole Sciotto & Peter Tsoflias

Intraschool Journal Relations
Graham Boswell, Lisa Hackett, Nicholas Standiford, Zach Brown, & Monique Patton

Recreating Your Organizational Structure
Taryn Lamme

Best Practice: Article Solicitation

The New Haven School of Thought—A Focused Foundation in Article Analysis
Lauren M. Smith

Publishing to a Global Audience
Paul Carrier & William Wagner

Publishing to a Global Audience
David L. Finnegan

Publishing to a Global Audience Q&A Session
Paul Carrier, David L. Finnegan, & William Wagner

Stop Waiting for Godot: Proactive Solicitations
Sarah Fuhrman

Alternatives to Articles
Sarah Fuhrman & Colin Maguire

Social Media for Law Journals
Steven W. Kranz

Unleashing Law Reviews onto Social Media: Preventing Mishaps with a Social-Media Policy
Cathryn Rudolph

Best Practice: Editing

How to Dominate Your Reader—And Make Stewie Griffin Proud
Joseph Kimble

Tips for Better Writing in Law Reviews (And Other Journals) Tips
Joseph Kimble

Streamlining the Editing Process
Edward M. O’Brien & Spencer J. Brooks

Moving to Electronic Editing
Joshua A. Rummel & Taryn Lamme

Best Practice: Publishing

Transforming Your Law Review from Print to Digital
Kristen E. Brierley & John E. Fries

Law Journals and Emerging Publishing Technology
Tim Hurd

Best Practice: Third-Party Relations

Author Relations
Rick Bales

How Law Librarians Can Help Create a Law Review Library for Cite Checking
Jamie J. Baker

How Law Librarians Can Assist with Law Journal Publication Agreements
Jamie J. Baker

Cite-Checking Boot Camp: How Librarians Can Help the Cite-Checking Process Run Smoothly
Barbara H. Bean

Libraries Can Help: Institutional Repositories
Yolanda P. Jones

Using TWEN to Manage Your Law Review
Erin Jensen

The Paperless Law Review
Matthew R. Amon


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Volume 30 | Number 2 | Trinity Term

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