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The Thomas M. Cooley Law Review publishes three issues a year as well as sponsors a lecture series, an annual symposium, and a distinguished brief award. The Law Review is committed to the highest standards of legal publication.

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Featured Articles

Volume 30 | Number 2 | Trinity Term 2013 - Best Practices


Best Practice: Leadership

William Wagner, Laurel Romanella, Scott R. Harrison, Nicole Sciotto, Peter Tsoflias, Graham Boswell, Lisa Hackett, Nicholas Standiford, Zach Brown, Monica Patton, Taryn Lamme

The contributors discuss why it is important to leave a legacy of leadership at your law review, what makes a great leader, how to identify leaders during interviews, mentoring, collaborating with other school journals, and recreating law review organizational structures. 


Best Practice: Article Solicitation 

Lauren M. Smith, Paul Carrier, William Wagner, David L. Finnegan, Sarah Fuhrman, Colin Maguire, Steven W. Kranz, Cathryn Rudolph

The authors discuss how law journals can improve the quality of their publications by selecting articles with a focus, publishing to a global audience, creating a proactive solicitation plan, publishing a "legal conversation" as an alternative to the traditional article, and  developing and implementing a social media strategy to promote readership.


Best Practice: Editing 

Joseph Kimble, Edward M. O'Brien, Spencer J. Brooks, Joshua A. Rummel, Taryn Lamme

The authors discuss writing and editing articles in plain-English, including tips on what to do and what not to do; how to edit efficiently; and electronic editing.


Best Practice: Publishing

Kristen E. Brierley, John E. Fries, Tim Hurd

The contributors discuss transitioning to a digital-only format and using emerging technology, such as eBooks, Inkling, and Habitat.


Best Practice: Third-Party Relations

Rick Bales, Jaime J. Baker, Barbara H. Bean, Yolanda P. Jones, Erin Jensen, Matthew R. Amon

The contributors discuss ways to build lasting relationships with different types of authors, how law librarians can assist the cite-checking process and help draft publication agreements, the benefits of implementing a cite-checking boot camp, how law libraries can help with resource discovery and publication-process analysis, using TWEN to manage a law review, and the benefits of publishing a paperless law review.