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The Thomas M. Cooley Law Review publishes three issues a year as well as sponsors a lecture series, an annual symposium, and a distinguished brief award. The Law Review is committed to the highest standards of legal publication.

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Featured Articles

Volume 30 | Number 3 | Michaelmas Term 2013 - Krinock Lecture Series


Unconventional Responses to Unique Catastrophes: Tailoring the Law to Meet the Challenges

Kenneth Feinberg

The Special Master of the Federal September 11 Victim Compensation Fund discusses his role in distributing awards to victims of various tragedies. While the system has worked in the past, he ultimately concludes that it is not perfect and may not be the best model for the future. 

Legislation New Zealand Style and U.S. Style: The Case of Inheritance Law

Hon. Sir Grant Hammond

A New Zealand judge discusses inheritance law in New Zealand and in the United States. The lecture compares the two schemes and focuses on the principle of testamentary freedom.

Class Action Devils and Angels 

Justice Paul M. Perell

An Ontario Superior Court justice highlights the good and bad qualities of class-action lawsuits. He analyzes the arguments of the critics and proponents, and he focuses on the rule of the judiciary in these lawsuits.