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Specialized training and experience to lawyers seeking to enhance their insurance practice or prepare for employment within government or the insurance industry.

The curriculum has been developed in consultation with industry experts and is intended to provide exposure to the many and varied aspects of insurance and risk management. Upon completion of their studies, students will be able to form companies, and oversee the regulatory and governance aspects of insurance company operations.

In addition to the practical aspects of insurance law practice, students will graduate with a deep background in the issues and challenges confronting clients in the property and casualty, life, health and disability, reinsurance and surplus line of insurance.

Degree Requirements

The Insurance LL.M. candidates must successfully complete 12 credits of required insurance law courses and a sufficient number of elective courses to earn the 24 credit hours required. Guest students may earn up to 8 credits.

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Insurance Law Links

Olivet College Insurance MBA Program

Insurance Information Institute: Facts and Information regarding the industry, the issues, and resources.

International Risk Management Institute: Glossary of Insurance Terms

For Michigan Industry specific data and current events information, go the website for Insurance Institute of Michigan.

Michigan Insurance statutes: MCL 550.100 - 550.2009

Michigan Administrative Code: For practice before OFIR, the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation.

Michigan Insurance Statutory links and OFIR Regulations and Administrative Rules

National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC): Insurance industry topics of interest, legislative developments, model acts and other states' regulatory website links. For access to state websites, go to the NAIC link for State and Jurisdictions.

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