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What kind of future do you envision?

Corporate setting
Experts predict a continuing gap between the skill sets of available professionals and employment opportunities of the future. Employers are recruiting professionals who offer an understanding of strategic business opportunities, proven management abilities and business development skills. Your ability to offer both of these skill sets may be the determining factor in the trajectory of your career.

Private sector
Clients are seeking predictability of outcomes and cost, greater efficiency and, of course, cost effective delivery of legal services. As business clients become more sophisticated and technology improvements positively impact the cost of transactions, litigation and compliance work, attorneys need to redefine the value of their services. Prepare yourself for these significant changes that are occurring in the delivery of legal services.

Solve challenging, real-world problems

We provide classroom access to insurance experts who not only understand the industry and the challenges of the future, but also offer constructive and practical advice regarding the efficient delivery of legal services to insurance clients both in house and in the private practice of law.

Consider using this period of rapid growth in the delivery of legal services to further develop your legal skills and insurance industry expertise. Within the next few years, there will be exciting new career opportunities in insurance law. Get ready now!

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Spring 2015

Health Insurance Reform

Cyber Security Risk

Predictive Modeling within the Insurance Industry

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Course Descriptions and Degree Requirements: For lawyers seeking to enhance their insurance practice or prepare for employment within government or the insurance industry.

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Professor Lisa DeMoss
Graduate Insurance Program Director

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Cathy J. McCollum
Director, Graduate & Extended Programs

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Vanessa Ramakers
Administrative Assistant
Graduate and Extended Programs
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