Homeland Security Law LL.M. Homeland Security Law LL.M. Homeland Security Law LL.M. Homeland Security Law LL.M. Homeland Security Law LL.M.
Homeland and National Security Law

Homeland and National Security Law - JD/LL.M.

Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program

The Master of Laws in Homeland and National Security will address all the laws of Homeland Security. There are many new laws enacted since 9/11, and there is a need for attorneys who understand their context and application.

Recent News

January 24, 2014

Professor McDaniel Elected to State Bar Military and Veterans Law Section Counci

January 8, 2014

Homeland Security LLM Director Appointed to Lead Independent Review

January 2014

Homeland Security LLM Welcomes New Professors and Courses

November 13, 2013

Lead FBI Investigator Speaks to Cooley National Security Law Class

July 19, 2013

Experts Debate Use of Drones in Michigan at Cooley Law School Symposium

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The Homeland and National Security Law LL.M. program will include study in air and transportation security, border security, military operations in the homeland, intelligence and privacy issues, technology and cybersecurity, as well as the practical courses on federal contracting and administrative agencies.

The program is scheduled to launch in 2013, directed by Professor and Brigadier General, Michael C.H. McDaniel.

Professor McDaniel served in the Michigan National Guard for 27 years, worked as Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Pentagon, and served as a member of the National Governor's Association Homeland Security Advisors Council.

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Focus your law career with an advanced legal degree. Understand what makes our program special and how to get started.

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Those interested in achieving the next step in their government, military, or professional career should apply to this cutting edge program. The program is scheduled to launch in 2013.

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