Questions About the LL.M. Scholarship Program

LL.M. Scholarship FAQs

Can I get the scholarship if I am currently enrolled in the LL.M. program?
Yes. The scholarship can be applied toward LL.M. credits, but only if you meet the qualification of being a Cooley alumni.

Is the scholarship available to Cooley alumni that graduated years ago?
Yes. The scholarship is available to Cooley alums from any graduating class.

Can I get the scholarship if my JD degree is not from Cooley?
No. This scholarship is available exclusively for Cooley JD alumni.

Can I get a refund for Master of Laws (LL.M.) courses taken prior to January 2011?
No. This scholarship is being prospectively offered for classes starting in January 2011.

Am I guaranteed admission into the LL.M. Program?
No. Admission to this program is based on, among other things, law school grades, undergraduate major and academic performance, a writing sample, a written personal statement, and a letter of recommendation. Applicants who did not graduate, or are not currently in the top half of their law school class will be asked to demonstrate academic capability not reflected in their law school performance.

Is financial aid available for books, living expenses, and tuition not covered by the scholarship?
In most cases, please see Financial Aid for details.

What is the deadline for application?
The application deadline is November 22, 2010 for classes beginning in January 2011

General Information FAQs

What areas of study and degrees does the Graduate Program offer?
The Graduate Program offers five degree programs: a Master of Laws in Intellectual Property, a Master of Laws in Taxation, a Master of Laws in Corporate Law & Finance, a Master of Laws in Insurance Law, and a Self-Directed Master of Laws.

What is required to graduate?
Graduation from Thomas M. Cooley Law School with an requires:
• Completion of 24 credit hours
• An overall cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 or "B" on the total hours taken and completed.

How much are tuition and fees?
There is no application fee. A $25 non-refundable enrollment fee is charged to reserve a seat. Cooley charges a $20 non-refundable student activity fee each term. Tuition for graduate courses is $650 per credit hour. Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Where are LL.M. programs located?
The LL.M. degree can be earned at three of Cooley's four Michigan campuses in Lansing, Auburn Hills, and Grand Rapids. Students have maximum flexibility in selecting the location at which they attend courses. Traditional classroom videoconference courses between the Lansing, Auburn Hills, and Grand Rapids campuses are offered. The Intellectual Property courses and select other courses are offered in a web-based format.

When are classes offered?
The classes are offered primarily on the weekend during the day. Sometimes courses are scheduled during weeknights or in an accelerated format.

Is there a thesis requirement?
No, the Master's Thesis/Research Project is an elective course.

Can you study on a part-time or full-time basis?
Yes. A graduate student is considered a full-time student when enrolled in six credit hours, halftime with three credit hours, and part-time with two credit hours. Students enrolled in the graduate program cannot register for more than 14 credits during a term. All students must complete the academic requirements for the LL.M. degree within five calendar years after entering the program. The LL.M. can be completed within one calendar year, but the full-time student could be faced with time conflicts between courses offered. Not all courses in the curriculum will be offered every term. Please refer to the Academic Regulations of the Master of Laws Program and the Thomas M. Cooley Law School Student Policy Manual for specific rules and regulations.

When are students admitted?
A student may begin in September, January or May.

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