Faculty Teaching - Research & Writing

Cooley was one of the first to recognize that Research and Writing is just as important as torts, contracts, and property.

Cooley students are required to take six hours of Research & Writing


Cooley was the first law school to place all its Research & Writing professors on tenure track and keep them there.


Cooley's Research & Writing department reflects a commitment to experienced teaching, practical skills, and plain language.

Cooley Research & Writing professors edit The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, The Scrivener (Scribes' newsletter), and Clarity. The Scribes Journal is the oldest law journal devoted exclusively to legal writing.

Within the past year alone, Cooley professors have published articles about legal writing in Trial, Clarity, The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, and the Michigan Bar Journal.

Cooley was the first law school to teach research with 14 self-guided audiotapes that walk students through the research process and legal analysis.

What Cooley Students Say

"Cooley students have a definite advantage because of the excellent Research & Writing classes we are required to take."

"Thanks for imparting that knowledge, for being precise, and for making us enjoy the process. (Please note the serial-comma usage.)"

"The process has really changed the way I write."

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