Nora J. Pasman-Green

Nora J. Pasman-Green


B.S. University of Michigan 1973
J.D. Wayne State University 1977

SSRN Publications

A member of the Cooley faculty since 1985, Professor Pasman-Green was the executive director of the Sixty Plus, Inc., Elderlaw Clinic from 1985-1991. In 1989-1990, she was a visiting professor at the University of San Diego School of Law in San Diego, Calif.

Before joining the faculty, Professor Pasman-Green spent seven years as a criminal appellate defense lawyer with the Michigan State Appellate Defender's Office. She also served in county government as executive director of the Washtenaw County Consumer Service Department, where she specialized in consumer law. Professor Pasman-Green also taught paralegals and served as a teaching assistant at the University of Michigan.

Professor Pasman-Green teaches Remedies and Contracts. She has previously taught Professional Responsibility, Administrative Law, Property, Torts, Lawyering Skills, and Advanced Trial Advocacy.



Pasman, Nora J., "Off the Roads & Out of the Courts: Enter a Technology Fix for Drunk Driving," 24 J. L. & HEALTH 217 (2011).

Pasman-Green, Nora J. ,"Who is winning the collateral source rule war? :the battleground in the Sixth Circuit" / Nora J. Pasman-Green and Ronald D. Richards Jr., 31 University of Toledo Law Review no. 3 Spring (2000)

Pasman-Green, Nora J., "Cooley Committed to Technological Progress", BRIEFS 7 (May 2000).

Pasman, Nora J., "The Public Interest Exception to the Employment-at-Will Doctrine: From Crime Victims to Whistleblowers, Will the Real Public Policy Please Stand Up?," 70 U DET MERCY L REV 559 (1993).

Pasman, Nora J., "The Conflict of 'Conflict of Interest': The Michigan Example," 1995 DET CL REV 135.

Books Reviews and Other Short Works

Pasman, Nora J. and Esquina, Leonard, Jr., "Proposal B and Its Effects: Much to Do About Good Time," 58 MICH BJ 28 (1979).


Real-World Experience

Specialty: Consumer Law

Courses: Remedies and Contracts

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