Maurice E.R. Munroe

Maurice E.R. Munroe


LL.B. University of Birmingham 1976
LL.M. University of London (London School of Economics) 1980
LL.M. University of Michigan 1992

Professor Munroe joined the full-time faculty in September 1985. From 1980-1985 he taught at England's University of Birmingham as a lecturer in law, specializing in corporate, labor, and anti-discrimination law.

Professor Munroe is a barrister and member of Middle Temple in England, where he practiced in 1978 and 1979. During that time, he was also a member of the Free Representation Unit, an organization of barristers offering pro bono legal representation.

Professor Munroe has done extensive writing and research in the various fields of law he has taught and has published works on discrimination and company law. In 1992, Professor Munroe received an LL.M. from the University of Michigan for a dissertation on employment discrimination law.

A Stanley E. Beattie Teaching Award winner and a member of the Cooley Legal Authors Society, Professor Munroe teaches Constitutional Law I and II, Contracts I and II, Torts I and II, Employment Discrimination, and Race and Federal Civil Rights Law.



Munroe, Maurice E.R., "Unamerican Tail: Of Segregation and Multicultural Education," 64 ALB. L REV 241 (2000). Munroe, Maurice E.R., "The EEOC: Pattern and Practice Imperfect," 13 YALE L & POL'Y REV 219 (1995).

Munroe, Maurice E.R., "The Prestige Case: Putting the Lid on the Commission for Racial Equality," 14 ANGLO-AM L REV 187 (1985).

Munroe, Maurice E.R., "The Meaning of Racial Discrimination: In the Context of Employment, " 52 SCOT L GAZETTE 22 (1984).

Book Reviews and Other Short Works

Munroe, Maurice "The Companies Act 1981: A Summary," London: Wragge & Co., Solicitors (1983).

Munroe, Maurice E.R. ANALYSIS OF STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS RELATING TO BUSINESS NAMES. London: Wragge & Co., Solicitors (1983).

LL.M. Thesis

Munroe, Maurice E.R., "Change the System. How to Improve the EEOC's Ability to Combat Systemic Discrimination.", University of Michigan (LLM Thesis (3 volumes), 1992).


Munroe, Maurice E.R., "Racism, Segregation and Multiculturalism" presented at the Natural Legal Scholars of Color Conference (1999) Munroe, Maurice E.R., "Recent Supreme Court Cases in Employment Discrimination," presented at the National Lawyer's Guild and the Lansing Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union Conference (1989).

Munroe, Maurice E.R., "Differences Between the American and British Legal Professions," presented to the Cooley International Law Society, Cooley Law School (1988).

Munroe, Maurice E.R., "Sex and Race Discrimination and the Law," presented to Law Society Regional Meeting (1983).


Real-World Experience

Specialties: Corporate, Labor, and Anti-Discrimination Law

Courses: Constitutional Law I and II, Contracts I and II, Torts I and II, Employment Discrimination, Race and Federal Civil Rights Law

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