Faculty Directory - Cooley Law School

Name Title Email


Frank C. Aiello Associate Professor aiellof@cooley.edu
Tammy Brown Asher Associate Professor ashert@cooley.edu


Gary Bauer Professor bauerg@cooley.edu
Brendan Beery Professor beeryb@cooley.edu
Tracey Brame Assistant Dean and Professor bramet@cooley.edu
Erika R. Breitfeld Assistant Professor breitfee@cooley.edu
Jeanette Buttrey Professor buttreyj@cooley.edu


Paul J. Carrier Professor carrierp@cooley.edu
Bradley Charles Associate Professor charleb@cooley.edu
Christine Zellar Church Associate Dean of the Lansing Campus and Professor churchc@cooley.edu
Mark Cooney Professor cooneym@cooley.edu


Lisa Sewell DeMoss Associate Professor and Director of LL.M. in Insurance Law demossl@cooley.edu
Renalia Smith DuBose Visiting Professor duboser@cooley.edu


David Finnegan Professor finnegad@cooley.edu
Gerald A. Fisher Professor fisherg@cooley.edu
M. Anthony Flores Professor floresa@cooley.edu
Dustin Foster Associate Professor fosterd@cooley.edu
Karen Fultz Visiting Professor fultzk@cooley.edu


Heather Garretson Professor garretsh@cooley.edu
Marjorie Gell Professor gellm@cooley.edu
Katherine A. Gustafson Assistant Professor gustafsk@cooley.edu


Lisa Halushka Assistant Dean and Professor halushkl@cooley.edu
Christopher G. Hastings Professor hastingc@cooley.edu
Richard Henke Professor henker@cooley.edu


Barbara Anna Kalinowski Associate Professor kalinowb@cooley.edu
Linda Kisabeth Professor kisabetl@cooley.edu
Tonya Krause-Phelan Professor krausept@cooley.edu


Joni Larson Director Graduate Tax Program and Professor larsonj@cooley.edu
Don LeDuc President, Dean, and Professor leducd@cooley.edu


Gerald G. MacDonald Professor macdonag@cooley.edu
Mable Martin-Scott Professor martinm@cooley.edu
Jeffrey L. Martlew Associate Dean Tampa Bay Campus and Professor martlewj@cooley.edu
Daniel W. Matthews Professor matthewd@cooley.edu
Michael McDaniel Professor mcdanielm@cooley.edu
Nelson Miller Associate Dean Grand Rapids Campus and Professor millern@cooley.edu
Marla Mitchell-Cichon Professor mitchelm@cooley.edu
Michael K. Molitor Professor molitorm@cooley.edu
Martha Moore Professor moorem@cooley.edu


Monica R. Nuckolls Associate Professor nuckollm@cooley.edu
John Nussbaumer Professor nussbauj@cooley.edu


Kimberly E. O'Leary Professor olearyk@cooley.edu


Lauren A. Rousseau Professor rousseal@cooley.edu


Robert K. Savage Distinguished Visiting Professor savager@cooley.edu
Devin S. Schindler Professor schindld@cooley.edu
John N. Scott Professor scottj@cooley.edu
Dan Sheaffer Professor sheaffed@cooley.edu
Paul T. Sorensen Professor sorensep@cooley.edu
Duane Strojny Associate Dean of Library and Instructional Support and Professor strojnyd@cooley.edu
Ronald R. Sutton Associate Professor and Assistant Dean suttonr@cooley.edu
Stevie J. Swanson Associate Professor swansons@cooley.edu
Jeffrey D. Swartz Visiting Professor swartzj@cooley.edu
Kathy Swedlow Assistant Dean and Professor swedlowk@cooley.edu


David J. Tarrien Assistant Professor tarriend@cooley.edu
Amy Timmer Associate Dean of Students and Professionalism and Professor timmera@cooley.edu
Patrick E. Tolan, Jr. Visiting Professor tolanp@cooley.edu
Christopher R. Trudeau Professor trudeauc@cooley.edu
Gerald T. Tschura Professor and Director, Graduate Program Intellectual Property Law tschurag@cooley.edu


Joan Vestrand Associate Dean Auburn Hills Campus and Professor vestranj@cooley.edu
Victoria Vuletich Professor vuleticv@cooley.edu


Kara Zech Thelen Assistant Professor zechthek@cooley.edu