Cooley has one of the most experienced faculty in the nation.


Cooley professors teach three terms a year, which adds up to a faculty with more teaching experience than almost any other law school in the country.

And, unlike most other law schools, Cooley’s faculty members bring to the classroom many years of experience as practicing lawyers.

Imagine learning criminal law from a professor who has 20 years of experience as a prosecutor — or learning about homeland and national security from a professor who served as a Brigadier General and U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Homeland Defense Strategy.

For our students, this real-world faculty experience makes for a practical education — and one that’s incredibly interesting — while gaining valuable insights into the practice of law.

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Cooley Research & Writing professors edit The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, The Scrivener (Scribes' newsletter), and Clarity. The Scribes Journal is the oldest law journal devoted exclusively to legal writing.

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