Professionalism Principles

Be Accountable

Acknowledge that each member of the Cooley community is accountable for their own development as a professional and for establishing and maintaining a professional school environment.

Characteristics of a Professional

Serve the Community

Acknowledge that affiliation with the law profession entails public service as its primary purpose. That the profession may provide a means of livelihood makes it no less a public service (with credit to Dean Roscoe Pound, Harvard Law School). Know that professionalism requires providing excellent quality service to your clients and participation in the work of the legal community.

Focus on Students

Acknowledge that all of us–staff, students, faculty, alumni, and community members–have a stake in educating the law student in the ways of professionalism.

Promote an Ethical School Community

Acknowledge that the school community is us–it is nothing more than a composite of all the people who associate with it and in it. Creation of an ethical community can only be accomplished through the ethical acts of its stakeholders.

Learn how lawyers develop and adapt professional identity, how lawyers protect the public against bad law practice, and more.


Amy Timmer
Associate Dean of Students and Professionalism
(517) 371-5140, ext. 2842

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