WMU Cooley in the Community

Students, staff, and faculty serve the communities where WMU Cooley lives by supporting the activities of numerous organizations. Cooley encourages community service among WMU Cooley employees by identifying service opportunities and matching employees who want to serve with agencies needing help. In the past, a WMU Cooley employee from each campus was publicly recognized for outstanding community service and receives the Great Deeds Award. Through the Great Deeds Award, WMU Cooley has recognized these employees for excelling in community service:  Jill Pullum, Joan Vestrand, Tony Alvarado, Fred Puffenberger, Martha Moore, Nelson Miller, Nancy Wonch, Stevie Barachkov, Carly Self, Aletha Honsowitz, Danielle Hall, Julie Clement, Audra Foster, Katherine Fleming, Marjorie Gell, Julie Mullens, Norm Fell, Jason Eyster, Val Schnable, Patrick Corbett, Dave Tarrien, and Victoria Cruz-Garcia.

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