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Inspiring law students for a lifetime of excellence, service, and integrity.

Cooley's Center for Ethics, Service, and Professionalism is dedicated to the following ideals:

  • › Lead by modeling and teaching ethics
  • › Foster and encourage service
  • › Practice professionalism
  • › Commit to our communities

By creating a culture of professionalism in the law school, Cooley intends to foster the highest caliber of relationships between the Cooley community and the legal and local communities. To this end, the Center for Ethics, Service, and Professionalism has launched and maintains many initiatives to ensure our students, staff, and faculty are encouraged, and have many opportunities, to meet their professionalism goals.

Professionalism Principles - Be Accountable, Serve the Community, Focus on Students, Promote an Ethical School Community

Ethics Library - Cooley's Ethics and Professionalism Library maintains nearly 5,000 volumes of ethics materials. The Ethics and Professionalism Library is open to students, faculty, and attorneys to promote the research and study of ethics and professionalism.

E. Smythe Gambrell Award - Through Cooley's innovative, award-winning Professionalism Plan, which received the American Bar Association's highest recognition for professionalism, the E. Smythe Gambrell Award, Cooley created a culture of professionalism that permeates every part of the school. Learn more about Cooley's award-winning Professionalism Program.

Learn how lawyers develop and adapt professional identity, how lawyers protect the public against bad law practice, and more.

Featured Programs

Service to Soldiers: Legal Assistance Referral Program
Pro bono legal assistance for Cooley alumni and other attorneys for U.S. military personnel.

Pro Bono Programs
Thirty-seven programs ranging from helping hurricane victims, soldiers, seniors, the homeless, and foreclosure victims.

Florida Professionalism
The Florida Bar's Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism offers the Law School Professionalism Handbook

Professionalism Advisory Committee
Professionalism Advisory CommitteeBringing together nearly 60 leaders to identify professionalism issues that impact the practice of law and higher education and to create a dialogue on ways to improve and promote professionalism in legal education.

Honor Code
This is the commitment that all entering students take, along with our faculty and staff, at every orientation.

Commitment to Our Communities / Cooley Cares
Students, staff, and faculty serve their communities by supporting the activities of numerous organizations.

Integrity in Our Communities Lecture Series
Nationally and locally recognized speakers talk about issues, trials, and lawsuits touching on ethical and professional matters.

Professionalism in Action
A collaborative program between the State Bar of Michigan and Cooley bringing students, local attorneys and judges together to discuss the role and importance of ethics and professionalism in both the study and practice of law. Our newest campus in Tampa Bay has adopted this program as well, with attorneys and judges from Hillsborough and neighboring counties setting great examples for our students before they have even started law school

Great Deeds Award
Great Deeds Awards are given to recognize a staff or faculty member each year at each campus and students up to once per term per campus. Nominate someone for a Great Deed!

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