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Professor Carey Helps Explain the Case of the Vanishing Decision

- Appellate Court Opinion in Woodbury v. Averill Vacated by Michigan Supreme Court

"...Woodbury was a somewhat complex business dispute. So the Supreme Court asked the State Bar of Michigan Business Law Section and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to offer their insight in amicus briefs.

Those amicus briefs were never filed because the dispute settled.

But when the Business Law Section and LARA learned the case would be dismissed, they sent separate letters to the high court, telling it the Court of Appeals’ opinion was “flawed” and would create “mischief” if left standing.

Six of seven justices agreed and, in a March 26 order, vacated the appeals court ruling." [full story]

Professor Carey Files Amicus Brief in Shareholder Oppression Suit before the Michigan Supreme Court

The Michigan Supreme Court requested that the Business Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan (the “BLS”) submit an amicus brief to address the issues raised by the case of Madugula v. Taub. The BLS appointed a committee consisting of Cyril Moscow of Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP; Justin Klimko, chair of the BLS Corporations Committee, of Butzel Long; Douglas Toering, chair of the BLS Commercial Litigation Committee, of Toering Law Firm; and James Carey, Professor and Director of the Corporate Law & Finance LLM Program at Cooley Law School to draft and file the brief. [full story]

Professor James Carey to Lead Corporate Law and Finance LL.M. Program 

Thomas M. Cooley Law School appointed Professor James L. Carey as the new director of its Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Corporate Law and Finance program. Program founder E. Christopher Johnson Jr. recently announced that he will be leaving the full-time faculty at Cooley in order to focus his life’s work on ending human trafficking. Carey took charge of the LL.M. program, a program designed to train the next generation of corporate lawyers, on Jan. 1. [full story]




Program Overview

The Corporate Law and Finance LL.M., designed, directed and taught by prominent corporate practitioners and law professors, will train the next generation of corporate lawyers.

Degree Requirements

To obtain the LL.M. degree, students must successfully complete 12 credits of required courses in the areas of Advanced Corporate Transactions, Business Organizations, Corporate Governance and Finance, and Corporate Professional Responsibility, and a sufficient number of elective courses to earn the 24 credits required, some of which are required electives if you choose the specialization in Global Public Companies Law. Guest students may earn up to eight credits.

There are two tracks a student can decide upon for completing their degree in addition to the required courses.

Track 1

Students can elect to specialize in the signature program of the Corporate Law and Finance LL.M, "Global Public Company Law."

This program is designed to train lawyers to represent global public companies as either inside or outside counsel. Students will be required to take four additional electives, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Public Company Disclosure and a Global Public Company Practicum which will be a real time exercise, designed to cover all of the coursework in the program. These courses round out the experience of the lawyers by exposing them to the full range of issues in the practice of law at global public companies, both from the perspective of the in house and outside counsel that represent these companies.

Track 2

Students who do not chose to specialize in Global Public Company Law may fulfill their degree requirement by taking their remaining credits from among a significant group of electives offered in the Corporate Law and Finance Program, Cooley's other LL.M. Programs, or Cooley's J.D. Program. 

Focus your law career with an advanced legal degree. Understand what makes our program special and how to get started.

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This program has received ABA acquiescence and Higher Learning Commission accreditation approval.


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