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Alumni can subscribe to the graduate edition of the Cooley Classifieds.

Listings are separated by geographic location, identifying job opportunities around the country and world. We also receive job bulletins from over 100 other law schools, as well as legal newspapers and national employment listings.

We also have a collection of law firm profiles from a variety of geographic locations in addition to the NALP National Directory of Legal Employers and the Martindale-Hubbell Directory.

Individual Consultation

Alumni are encouraged to schedule appointments for personal consultation to discuss:

Continuing Legal Education

Many state bars require their member attorneys to continue their legal education.

The purpose is for lawyers to keep abreast of the most recent developments in the law and to continue to educate themselves throughout the course of their careers. Each state has its own requirements as to how many hours an attorney must earn each year and how the hours are to be reported. For additional information on specific states please contact the Bar Association for that state. Michigan has no mandatory CLE requirement for practicing attorneys.


We can arrange for alumni to use the services of another law school's career office subject to the policies of that law school. Information about reciprocity agreements with specific schools is available in our office.


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Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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Cooley Classifieds

cooley classifiedsThe Cooley Classifieds are a comprehensive weekly publication of volunteer, summer internships, work study and part-time employment openings throughout the world. The Cooley Classifieds are updated every Friday on the Cooley Portal (login required).


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