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Hon. Matthew Christian, Fairbanks District Court
Johnson Class--January, 2002


Kathryn Stocking-Tate, Yuma County Superior Court Judge
Krinock Class--September, 1991


Steven M. Basha, Yolo County Superior Court Judge
Wiest Class--May, 1979


Denise K. Lynch, Rio Blanco County District Judge
Brooke Class--September, 1982

Jonathan Bruce Pototsky, Garfield County Court Judge
Lawrence Class--May, 1991

Karen Ann Romeo, 5th District Judge
Stone Class--January, 1996


Kevin Blazs, 4th Circuit Judge
Mundy Class--January, 1986

Dawn V. Denaro, Miami-Dade County Judge
Hooker Class--January, 1993

Jalal Harb, Polk County Circuit Judge
Grant Class--September, 1987

Thomas M. Jaworski, 8th Circuit Judge
McAlvay Class--January, 1984

Jeffrey Swartz,  Former Miami-Dade County Judge
Cooley Class--January, 1976


David Dickinson, Forsyth County Superior Court Judge
Blair Class--September, 1983


John L. Bell, 14th Circuit Judge
Goodwin Class--May, 1982

Hon. Joseph D. Christ, 20th Judicial Circuit Judge
Moore Class--May, 1993

J. Casey Costigan, 11th Circuit Judge
Lawrence Class--May, 1991

Donald D. Panarese, Cook County Sub-circuit Judge
Chandler Class--May, 1983

Stephen A. Stobbs, 3rd Circuit Judge
Williams Class--May, 1994

Jeffery Tobin, 7th Circuit Judge
Morse Class--May, 1987


Dianna Bennington, Muncie City Court Judge
Smith Class--May, 2003

Chris Chocola, Former Indiana 2nd District Representative
Pratt Class--May, 1988

William Fisher, Jr., former Marion County Small Claims Court Judge,
Wilson Class--May, 1990

Michael J. Lewis, Vigo County Superior Court Judge
Chandler Class--May, 1983

L. Benjamin Pfaff, former Elkhart County Superior Court Judge
Chandler Class--May, 1983

Richard W. Poynter, Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney
Fead Class--May, 1999


Hiroe Makiyama, House of Councillors, National Diet of Japan
Lawrence Class--May, 1991


Charles Macheers, 39th District Representative
Stone class--January, 1996


Earl-Ray Neal, 25th District Judge
Stone Class--January, 1996


Lowell C. "Chris" Hazel, State Representative
Rutledge Class--May, 2000


Elizabeth B. Hogan, 22nd Circuit Judge
Moody, Jr. Class--May, 1996

Robert A. Johnson, Reynolds County Prosecuting Attorney
Mundy Class--January, 1986


Mathew Harter, 8th Judicial District Court Judge
Ostrander Class--January, 1994


Jeffrey R. Jablonski, New Jersey Superior Court - Civil Division Hudson County
Adams Class, 1997

Joseph Lagana, 38th Legislative District Assemblyman
Swift Class--September, 2004

A. Todd Mayo, East Brunswick Municipal Court Judge
Williams Class--May, 1994

Nicholas P. Scutari, State Senator
Carpenter Class--September, 1993


Frank Demolli, Pueblo of Pojoa Que Tribal Judge
Bird Class--January, 1995


Ralph P. Franco, Nassau County Supreme Court Justice
Bird Class--January, 1995

Susan Grelick, Amherst Town Supervisor
Whipple Class--September 1985

Mark Grisanti, State Senator
McGrath Class--January, 1992

James E. Walsh Jr., Monroe County Family Court Judge
John W. Stone Class--January, 1996


William Graham, 21st District Judge 
Johnson Class--September, 1989

Patricia Young, 28th District Judge
Williams Class--May, 1994


William H. Harsha III, Ohio Court of Appeals Judge-- 4th Appellate District
Wing Class--January, 1982

Robert N. Rusu, Mahoning County Probate Court
Moore Class--May, 1993

Roger Stark, Margaretta High School Board of Education Member
Wilson Class--January, 2001

John M. Williams, Hamilton County Juvenile Court judge
Montgomery Class--May, 1992


Ricardo J. Menchaca, Washington County Circuit Court Judge
Richard C. Flannigan Class--January, 1999


William Amesbury, Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judge
Grant Class--September, 1987

Hon. Elizabeth S. Beckley, Magisterial District Judge in District Court 09-1-02, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Montgomery Class--May, 1992

Adam M. Beloff, Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas Judge
Moody, Jr. Class--May, 1996

Joe McIntosh, Chester Heights Borough Councilman
Adams Class--January 1997

Stefanie Salavantis, Luzerne County Prosecuting Attorney
Riley Class--May, 2009


James H. Bradberry, Weakley County Juvenile Court Judge
Wiest Class--May, 1979

Andrew Farmer, State Representative - District 17
James H. Brickley class--September, 2007


Adam V. Lichtenstein, former Harrison County Justice Court Judge
Turner Class--January, 1991

Ricardo Ramos, Maverick County Attorney
Cushing Class--September 2000

Randy Reynolds, Reeves County District Attorney
Lawrence Class--May, 1991


Michael Thompson, former State Representative
Witherell Class--September, 1990


Jeanette Irby, 20th Circuit Court Judge
Abner Pratt Class--May, 1988


Dan James - Starr Class, 2005
Prosecuting Attorney - Hampshire County, West Virginia

John R. Mitchell, Jr., former State Senator
O'Hara Class--January, 1983


Joseph Klumb, former Marinette County District Attorney
Pratt Class--May, 1988


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